Who is Justine-Paula

Who is Justine-Paula?

I am a 38 year old trans* woman, I have been living my true self for 4 years since I decided to transition from boy to woman. I have battled with depression throughout my life, and I could not deal with this aspect of my life, and at the age of 34, I was ready to proceed.

I was a freelance television news video editor for the national broadcaster here in South Africa, and things went wrong for what ever when I told them I was transgender, I am not blaming them for what happened, I made the decision to transition, and this has brought to the surface a unknown but suspected autism which is believed to be Aspergers.

The last 4 years have passed with a blur, it has been one crazy ride, I have no idea from month to month what is going to happen, August 2013 sees me make a number of flights, Burlington to New York, New York to Dubai, Dubai to Durban, then Durban to Dubai, Dubai to London… Enough flying.. Not what my life is, and I am paying for every airmile… Not by choice.. I have come to love the USA, I get to leave on the 19th August.. Not happy about it…grrrh



  1. i am the mother of a transgender male to female 20 year old. I was shocked at first but I, like her dad, have accepted this. There were so many parents I have seen and read of having feelings of disgust and such that I wanted to blog about this. I would rather have a transgender daughter than be without my child altogether. People have to learn to accept that there is no room for discriminations or hard felt sayings. I look at it this way, transgenders are people, with feelings. They are someone’s son, daughter, wife, mother, brother, father, etc.. There are millions who want to transition but for whatever reason are unable to or can’t because of finances. Some are looked upon with disgust in work places. People have got to get over their prejudices and accept a person for who they are, and not what is expected. Life is different. My mother-in-law recently spoke of the Bible, being that it was unacceptable, and I was very upset with her. I don’t care who one is, whether one believes in this God or that. I look at it this way, God does not judge, nor should anyone else. He loves all living things and so it should be. Because people fear most what they do not understand upsets me. People are looking at this the wrong way. We have to change with the times, whether it is technology or whatever else, and we too, have to learn to accept transgenders as beings, with the same rights. Sam, my daughter, is the same person she always was, whether she was a boy or girl. She is my child and I support her and many like her because it is the RIGHT thing to do. I know that she will have a hard time finding work, and being accepted by peers in the small town where we live, but it is something she has learned to deal with. All she wants now to change her name legally, keep taking the hormone treatments and be accepted as the woman she has become. Financially, the name change has been postponed but hopefully, not for long. I wish the best in your venture, and wish you happiness.

  2. Justine-Paula,

    I hope you’re having a great week! My name is Harrison and I work with SnagFilms.com. We are an online library of over 2100 films, free for audiences to stream. I just wanted to let you know that a film that you may have high interest in, “Red Without Blue”, a documentary that follows a pair of twins as on transitions from male to female, is now available for free streaming via this link: http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/red_without_blue/

    Please consider spreading the word about this film either on or through your website. Please feel free to also email me back with questions, and would also like to know if you decide to use it so we can send it out through our network for cross promotion. 

    Thank you for your time,

  3. oh hey you do have a site. Much respect to live your true life. You are part of the many heros I know who can say they are really living. Others are caught up behind occupations or lies. happy to network with you. Have a nice day.

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